I recently made a huge announcement via social media about Lukasz and I.  We’re gonna have a baby!  It feels nice to finally be 100% completely open about it.  It was never a secret to our inner circles of friends and family but now it’s officially “out there”.  Now I don’t have to think twice about tweeting ALL of my complaints about pregnancy.  Just kidding, kind of. I mean it has definitely been an interesting past few months having to navigate something we both had absolutely no experience in.  The last time I dealt with any kind of baby talk was when my mother was pregnant with my baby brother about 15 years ago and I was 12 years old.  I have long since forgotten basically anything and everything about being pregnant, although the memory of having to change a lot of poopy diapers still lives on, so I have that to look forward to.

When we first found out, we both had a lot of questions, the biggest one being: “CAN WE DO THIS?” I mean of course we can.  People have been doing this for years and years.  It was so easy to freak out in the beginning.  Being a worst-case scenario type of girl, I definitely freaked out the entire first trimester.  I read devastating stories of women having miscarriages, I googled everything I ate and every symptom.  We also found out the earliest we possibly could, which happened to be right before our big camping trip to New Hampshire and Maine.  That’s where I found out that lobster made me sick to my stomach and that, when camping, make sure you pick a campsite close to the bathroom.  Maybe just don’t go camping in the first trimester.  But, alas, I’m 4 months now and we’ve learned to calm down a little bit and enjoy this crazy time.  Sometimes big life changes can be like a puzzle and we just have to figure out how to make everything fit.

We have been trying to keep track of all the milestones of this pregnancy like the emotional roller coaster that was the first time we saw the tiny bean on the ultrasound screen to the time we found out it was going to be a A GIRL, up until now because theres no more hiding behind a flat stomach (it was never flat), theres definitely a baby bump starting to take shape.  I even think I felt a little flutter in my belly these past couple of days!  It’s definitely going to be fun to document this big life change and I can’t wait to share more.

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