Tiny Clothes for Tiny People


When I say ‘tiny clothes for tiny people’, I definitely don’t mean babies.  At 5′ I’ve always had trouble picking out clothes for myself.  That changed when I discovered that if I buy clothes in “petite” size, it will not only fit but be tailored to vertically challenged people like myself, i.e. small inseams and ‘short’ long sleeves.  And so I carried on, becoming a frequent buyer at places like LOFT and GAP that had special departments for petite women.  Suddenly everything fit!  And then pregnancy happened.

I never realized how difficult it would be to find clothes for my pregnancy.  If it was summer, life would be a breeze.  I would find cute short dresses and live in jorts and a tank top and sandals, never having to worry about growing 10 sizes.  But I am one of the lucky ones whose baby is due in May so I’m going to be spending a lot of my time bundled up but also trying not to look like the Michelin man.  I even Pinterest-searched “winter pregnancy fashion” and I kind of feel like those ladies are living in California during winter where the coldest it gets is, like, 60 degrees.  I’m only at 4 months so I have a while and a few sizes to go but I’ve already done my research because the last thing I need is to worry about finding pregnancy pants that fit me right both vertically and horizontally.

Here are some of my recommendations for maternity wear:

  • Old Navy – Old Navy’s clothes come in petite sizes and while I’ve never ordered jeans from there, I have ordered their low-rise maternity leggings.  I basically live in them and now I need to buy, like, three more pairs.  I was also hesitant about buying leggings because I just never liked to wear them but these are a dream and they have a really comfortable elastic band.  Also, they’re always having a sale.  I bought them when they were $8.
  • Target – I’ve bought many flowy shirts from Target.  To be honest, one of my main rules of being a short woman is to not wear a lot of loose and flowy tops, I feel like it overwhelms me, and that goes double being pregnant.  BUT I couldn’t resist this shirt, its so pretty, and perfect for the holidays.  That being said, this tunic is also cute and fitted and guaranteed to keep you warmer than the loose and flowy one.  Being warm is always a top priority in New York.
  • LOFT – They don’t sell maternity clothes in their store so I took a chance and ordered from their website.  I’ve always trusted them anyways and I was not disappointed.  The Petite Maternity Jeans I ordered fit perfectly and the band has plenty of room for my growing belly.  They’re also relatively inexpensive.  I ordered a pair when they were having a 40% off sale (which seems to happen every week) and they came out to about $45.  Because why are maternity clothes so freaking expensive?  (I’ll bitch about that some other time.)

I hope this helps anyone that stops along.  Due to it being unseasonably warm in New York, I’m still on the hunt for a cute and warm winter coat that won’t make me look like a marshmallow so if anyone has any recommendations, send them my way please. 🙂

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