Snow Day!

After days of wondering if all of this storm talk was nothing but nonsense, Winter Storm Jonas finally settled itself in New York City.  Of course that didn’t stop us from bundling up and exploring good ‘ol Willyburg.  I lasted about a block before I ran back inside.  Lukasz strapped on some cross country skiis and made it to the park with Pierrot by his side.  

 The snow is still coming down, despite a 10 inch snowfall already.  Weather reports are predicting a couple of inches every hour until midnight! I hope everyone stays safe and warm inside. ❤️




Tell me again how to be pregnant.

Photo taken by Lukasz
Photo taken by Lukasz

I can say with complete honesty and certainty that being pregnant is one of the most interesting experiences I’ve ever had.  Not only does my body go through so many changes but it has definitely changed the way I interact with people and the way that people interact with me.  I’m not talking hormones, I’m talking about pregnancy etiquette and the correct way that people should interact with a pregnant woman.

Belly Rubs: When I first found out I was pregnant,  the first thing I was surprised to encounter was the people lunging forward, no bars held, to touch and rub my stomach.  I, personally, never understood this disregard for personal space and now, not only is it my personal space, but also my baby. I don’t think I’m rude but I just prefer that people don’t rub my stomach unless I know you really well, and even then, I can count on one hand the amount of people that have that privilege..  Please don’t pet me.

Inappropriate Questions:  When we first announced our pregnancy, I was floored by how many people immediately asked if our baby was planned and if we were going to get married soon.  (Someone once even said “Congratulations… if it was planned.”) When did this become appropriate to ask?  These questions and the answers to them are nobody’s business but mine and my boyfriends. Period.

Inappropriate Remarks:  When the news was slowly spreading about my pregnancy, I had a coworker that was shocked and said he had no idea.  My other coworker then replied with “Yes, did you just think she was getting fat?”  And maybe every time I have a bite of food, it would be nice if people didn’t say things like “Eating for two huh?”.

Unsolicited advice:  My personal favorite.  I once wore red lipstick and a male friend of mine asked me if it was paraben-free for the baby’s sake.  Another acquaintance (read: I barely knew him) saw me eating a bag of kettle chips and suggested I snack with fruits and veggies next time.  A customer of mine reminded me to take my prenatal vitamins, folic acid and protein every day.  I want to thank everyone for the advice but, seeing as how I’m the one carrying a child in my uterus, I think I can take it from here.  And if I want chips, I’m eating the damn chips.

I knew to expect it but I didn’t realize how heavy it would all be.  I wondered for a while if maybe I’m just being cranky pants about it, but I’ve read too many articles now to understand that all women that are or have been pregnant go through this and it all just boils down to basic manners.  It’s not rude to ask if I’m excited or when my baby is due or how my pregnancy has been so far.  I truly appreciate your interest and your concern of my well-being.  In the end, I just want to have a positive environment with good energy and dialogue heading my way.  There is nothing rude about sending positive vibes.



California Dreamin’


Winter is officially here in New York City, arriving way late to the party. (70 degrees for Christmas? Sure.). I have to say, I’m pretty indifferent to the cold weather.  Do I want it to snow? Yes, snow is beautiful when watching it from the inside of your apartment drinking a giant mug of tea.  Do I want to go out and frolic in it? Maybe for, like, 5 minutes.  And just like that, I’m over the cold weather, except the cold weather is not over me.  With a blizzard supposedly hitting New York this weekend, I can’t even stock up on the essentials: wine and more wine. And to top that off, my winter coats are slowly starting to get a little too snug. But in one week, a glimmer of hope…

Our trip to California is booked and I’m already making a list of places I want to go and things I want to do.  Lukasz and I have a little getaway planned to Lake Tahoe for a few days of, yes, more snow and skiing for Lukasz. And then after that, we will be driving back to sunny Orange County (Hopefully sunny.  I’m looking at you, El Niño.) My parents are already planning a baby shower for Lukasz and I and we’re really looking forward to seeing old friendly faces and for Lukasz to meet new family and friends as well.  And I’m really excited for food.  What do you expect? I’m pregnant and I’ve been dying for an In N Out burger since last February.

I’m taking suggestions for my potential to do list! 



A New Humble Abode

Erin Boyle's Bedroom
Erin Boyle’s Bedroom

When we first found out we were going to have a baby, we weren’t really worried when it came to our living space.  Lukasz and I live really comfortably in a cute one bedroom apartment in Williamsburg.  By New York standards, it was actually a giant space.  Despite how big the space is, we still have a lot of “stuff” that we had just accumulated over time. I wouldn’t call us hoarders but is there a nicer way to put it?

By the time I got around to my 6th month of my pregnancy, the state of our apartment was driving me CRAZY (Hi, nesting phase!).  My parents had already sent us a crib so we had to figure out, finally, where to put it and the new baby stuff mixed with Lukasz’ outdoor gear really had me thinking we had to re-do this entire apartment before baby’s arrival just a short 3 months away.  So we sat down and got busy.

That was 2 weeks ago!  …And we’re still not done.  It’s been such giant effort on both of our parts to really go digging through our things and ask ourselves “If I haven’t used this in the past year, is it necessary to keep?”  We have garbage bags full and really to be thrown out, piles of just…things really to be donated or sold on eBay, and that is basically just our bedroom area.

But I will say:  this project has really got me started on creative solutions when it comes to storage in our apartment.  Like this bed frame I found on  I didn’t even know such a bed existed!  I was also extremely inspired reading this blog post on A Cup of Jo blog about Erin Boyle, a blogger also living in Brooklyn raising her 19 month old daughter in a one-bedroom.  Her aesthetic has me dreaming of the potential of our own little apartment.

Time to get back to decluttering and re-arranging but I hope to share pictures of our little home soon.

(Photo of Photos of Erin Boyle’s bedroom via A Cup of Jo.)

What’s she going to look like?

I think one of the main things that adds to the anxiety of being pregnant is not knowing what our baby is going to look like.  Sometimes I find it hard to believe that she’s going to be part me and part Lukasz.  I find it hard to believe that we made a little human! Will she have my eyes? Or Lukasz’ eyes? Or neither??  

My parents recently sent me some baby pictures of me and it’s been fun playing the guessing game.  

That full head of hair! And of course a picture of my adorable boyfriend for good measure!   

Will she have super light blonde hair like he did as a baby? So cute! I can’t wait to meet our little girl. 🎀

Happy New Year!


Ringing in the New Year with a terrible sinus infection was not how I would have hoped to celebrate but here we are.  Lukasz bought me yummy belvoir lemonade to help me celebrate the New Years and when the ball dropped we kissed and called it a night.  It was honestly perfect, just us and Pierrot and baby in my belly.  ❤️

Super excited for 2016! So much to look forward to, like baby girl! But first, California in a month. I can’t wait for a mini vacation and to be back in the Golden State.  I can already taste the In N Out burger!