A New Humble Abode

Erin Boyle's Bedroom
Erin Boyle’s Bedroom

When we first found out we were going to have a baby, we weren’t really worried when it came to our living space.  Lukasz and I live really comfortably in a cute one bedroom apartment in Williamsburg.  By New York standards, it was actually a giant space.  Despite how big the space is, we still have a lot of “stuff” that we had just accumulated over time. I wouldn’t call us hoarders but is there a nicer way to put it?

By the time I got around to my 6th month of my pregnancy, the state of our apartment was driving me CRAZY (Hi, nesting phase!).  My parents had already sent us a crib so we had to figure out, finally, where to put it and the new baby stuff mixed with Lukasz’ outdoor gear really had me thinking we had to re-do this entire apartment before baby’s arrival just a short 3 months away.  So we sat down and got busy.

That was 2 weeks ago!  …And we’re still not done.  It’s been such giant effort on both of our parts to really go digging through our things and ask ourselves “If I haven’t used this in the past year, is it necessary to keep?”  We have garbage bags full and really to be thrown out, piles of just…things really to be donated or sold on eBay, and that is basically just our bedroom area.

But I will say:  this project has really got me started on creative solutions when it comes to storage in our apartment.  Like this bed frame I found on Overstock.com.  I didn’t even know such a bed existed!  I was also extremely inspired reading this blog post on A Cup of Jo blog about Erin Boyle, a blogger also living in Brooklyn raising her 19 month old daughter in a one-bedroom.  Her aesthetic has me dreaming of the potential of our own little apartment.

Time to get back to decluttering and re-arranging but I hope to share pictures of our little home soon.

(Photo of Photos of Erin Boyle’s bedroom via A Cup of Jo.)

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