Second Trimester


About a month ago,  I officially finished my second trimester and I’d have to agree with everyone out there when I say it was probably the easiest part of pregnancy.  There were times in the beginning where I was still not convinced there was anything in my stomach and during my second trimester, it all became so real as I watched my stomach grow and I started to feel our daughters first kicks in my belly.  It felt like little butterflies that have now turned into full on punches to all of my organs.

All in all though, the second trimester is the easiest because I felt like there wasn’t much happening most of the time.  I slowed down my coffee intake because I found that, with all the hormones, it definitely made me more anxious and emotional than I normally am.  I also took the time to finish my baby registry on  It seems fun to start a registry but it’s also extremely stressful, especially when there a million baby products out there and you don’t know where to begin.  I’m definitely going to write a future blog post about my registry must haves. 

It was also interesting to see Łukasz feel the baby’s kicks for the first time as well.  I can imagine that it was pretty cool to actually be able to feel this little alien growing in my stomach, instead of seeing the negatives of how it was affecting me in the first trimester.  At the end, the coolest thing is seeing how real this is all becoming.  We have set up the baby crib and space in our apartment and its overflowing with so many cute things from our trip to California.   

As far as eating habits go (probably the most common question aside from how I’m feeling) I haven’t had any particularly strange requests or food combinations.  I never craved pickles and ice cream together.  I have been eating more sweets lately and when those sweet cravings hit, I try to reach for fruit instead of candy but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy more often than not some starbursts or a bag of skittles.  I’ve never been picky about food though, I love food and I’m always down to try anything once. My eating habits have remained pretty much the same and people say I look like I’ve remained the same, I just look like I have a basketball hidden in my shirt now!  I haven’t even experienced any swelling which is AMAZING.  I’m hoping that will be very good news when the time comes to lose the baby weight. The baby appears to be gaining weight really quickly and the doctor has advised me to do some mild cardio, lest I want a 9 lb baby coming out of me.  I wish I could go running but even a few minutes of it leaves me winded.  I’m also worried that I’m shaking the baby? Is that a thing?  Are there any runners out there that ran well into their third trimester?

As I enter my third trimester,  I can definitely feel sleepiness come over me more quickly.  I hear this last part can be difficult and I’m hoping I can power through! Fingers crossed. 



One thought on “Second Trimester

  1. You look great for entering your 3rd trimester! I also got the common question of food cravings but it hasn’t been an issue for me and I am currently 33 weeks pregnant. I wanted to go running in my second trimester and I felt like I was going to shake the baby also…plus I couldn’t run more than 2 minutes without losing my breath. Keep it up and good luck!


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