Questions and Concerns

32 Weeks

With baby’s due date vastly approaching,  I think I take back what I said about the first trimester being the most difficult.  This third trimester has completely kicked my ass and I still have about 2 months left.  For the most part I’ve tried to remain positive but I can’t help write about the things on my mind these past few weeks.

  1.  I just can’t breathe anymore:  One morning I woke up and I realized that no matter which position I lay in, I just wouldn’t be able to breathe anymore.  I don’t know about you guys but breathing is usually one of my top priorities.  No matter how I lay, or even how I sit, the baby can move and suddenly I’m gasping for air.  I probably sound really naive saying this but I just never knew this was a thing in pregnancy.  I’d rather have the baby crack my rib than take up so much space that my lungs can’t expand anymore.  Or maybe not, I don’t know.  I’m not being logical, I’m pregnant.
  2. I guess I waddle??:  So many of my of my acquaintances have said I have this seemingly “adorable” pregnancy waddle.  Yes, I’ve basically turned into a penguin and everyone does remind me at any chance they get.  Cheers.
  3. Fear mixed with Excitement:  So the closer it gets, the more I wonder what this birthing experience is going to be like.  I’ve read books, I’ve watched videos and I’ve questioned every mother that has ever had a baby slip out of her lady parts.  It’s fascinating to me how this experience is so different and unique to every woman with each of their children.  I’ve had women tell me that it was horrifying (ripping, tearing, episiotomy, basically a horror movie) and I’ve had women tell me that the epidural was so wonderful, they slept up until it was time to push.  This is all such new and unexplored territory to me and I just don’t even like surprises!  I wish I knew what was going to happen.  It’s driving me crazy!
  4. That Nesting Phase Though:  I once woke up with this feeling that our apartment needed to be clean right this minute.  It was so overwhelming that I cried about it for a little while and then I called out of work and I cleaned.  And everything felt better again.  I know people think it’s cute that women go through this when they’re pregnant but for me, it’s more like rip-my-hair-out anxiety.
  5. This BELLY:  I’m basically a woman that needs to be rolled off the couch now.  But I would like to shout out Lukasz who consistently makes me feel pretty, day in and day out, and who does so much to quell my fears about all of the above.  That’s all I can say before I start crying (freakin’ HORMONES).



One thought on “Questions and Concerns

  1. You’re almost there! I’m in week 34 and can def relate to a couple of these. The other day I woke up at 3 in the morning and just *HAD* to google how the self-cleaing function on my new oven works, because, you know, it was imperative that I have a spotless oven right this very second.


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