I wanted to write a little post about dogs.  Have you met our dog?  His name is Pierrot and he’s a 2 year-old Shetland Sheepdog.  The reason I wanted to write a post about dogs is because when big changes happen around the household, no one is probably more confused than the pets of the house.  While Pierrot is a pretty smart dog, I don’t think he knows what’s about to happen in less than a month.

In this area, I only have a small amount of experience.  When I was younger,  our family of four grew to a family of five with the purchase of one adorable cocker spaniel, named Mitzy.  She was my first dog and my everything.  We got her when she was a tiny adorable puppy from the local pet store for $500, if I remember correctly.  She was the first dog (but not the last) that made me believe that it was easier to raise babies than it was to raise dogs (Dogs poop on carpets and babies eventually learn to use their words!).  BUT, and this is a big “but”, she was cute and my sister and I really wanted a dog so we let her get away with almost anything.  She lived in the room in our backyard and she ate every bug she could get her face on.  She was absolutely wild and we were really careless.  She rarely went out on walks and, therefore, was barely socialized with other dogs and humans.  Soooo, when my younger brother was born, and I was 12 years old, Mitzy was not the kindest to him.  When my brother started learning to crawl and walk, Mitzy was forced to be outside more and more and she would jealously watch my little brother taunt her from the living room window. She would go crazy pawing at the glass and barking and my brother would start crying until one day, my parents made the decision that Mitzy and my brother could no longer live under the same roof.  I cried my eyes out the day they dropped her off at the pound.  We had her for four years and I could never get over trying to replace her with another spaniel.  I fell in love with any spaniel and their floppy ears.

Fast forward another 14 years and I met Lukasz, who already had dog plans of his own.  When we moved in together, his sister came to visit a couple of months later and she brought him an adorable one year old Sheltie.  I would be lying if I didn’t say that his timid attitude confused me, or why he didn’t really care for birds.  (Spaniels are a hunting breed; they’re all about the birds) But I learned more and more about Shelties and Pierrot grew more and more used to his new home here, with Lukasz and I.

Fast forward another year and here we are, less than a month away from having a baby, with Pierrot none the wiser.  He hasn’t had much experience with any younger children except seeing them on walks but I am unwilling to repeat what happened with Mitzy.  I have definitely been reading tips online hoping that something will stick but also half hoping that Pierrot will be so weirded out by the potato sack that will be a newborn baby that he’ll just keep to himself.  He’s also a barker, which makes me more concerned for baby as opposed to the dog.  God knows I’ve had my own sleep interrupted just because Pierrot heard someone creeping on the stairs at 3 in the morning. But despite all of that, he’s such a good dog.  He goes on walks twice a day which will be nice to have baby girl join us on. And despite some early stomach issues with his food, it looks like we’ve finally found a good food replacement to keep him happy with steady energy. I feel like he’s finally getting into the swing of things around here so hopefully the next puppy update after the baby is born will be a good one.




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