First Father’s Day


Of course I am one day late to this post because I am always late to everything but yesterday was Father’s Day.  I am so filled with love when I think about this being the first of many Father’s Day for Lukasz and our little family.  It was an interesting day, seeing as how our daughter is only about 6 weeks old but still capable of flashing us that adorable smile (especially when she’s about to poop.  Poops are hilarious).  So maybe “eventful” isn’t the word I can use to describe this particular Sunday.  Let’s also mix in the fact that Lukasz also had work all day.  It did give me a chance to think and really let certain things sink in, like the fact that we’re now parents.  Sometimes I watch Petra sleeping and think about how we have a daughter now.  It’s a scary thought but I take comfort in knowing that I have a solid partner by my side.  Lukasz, in the last 6 weeks, (and longer if you count the dog parent he was before) has been an amazing and caring father, always wanting to be involved in everything Petra does.  I am so excited when I think about the future and what’s to come and thankful for the person he is, always teaching me to be patient and to not worry about the small things, to constantly be looking at the bigger picture. Plus, he’s a babe 😉


And a happy Father’s Day to my own dad who I had a chance to talk to briefly yesterday and gave him a chance to see his granddaughter through FaceTime. The man who taught me how to rollerblade and ride a bike and everything in between, thank you for everything. I love you so much.

How lucky I am to have these two great men in my life.  How lucky Petra is to have the same.  I hope everyone had an amazing Father’s Day.



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