Flying at Five Months

It’s been a while since we’ve been back from Poland but I needed the past weeks to gather my thoughts and pictures and I figured I would kick off my Poland posts with a post about flying with a baby.  More specifically, a 5 month old baby.  Even more specific, a five month old baby named Petra.

The plane ride there was utter perfection, and I’m not even being sarcastic.  We planned our flight to be around 9pm and Petra is usually in bed by 8pm so we knew that she was gonna crash AT SOME POINT.  We got to the airport early and even had time to hit up Shake Shack (So much “yes” to Shake Shack for being at the airport) before boarding.  As we ate, Petra played both in her stroller and even on the floor because we were tired and we needed her to be tired. And then we boarded.

We had called ahead of time to make sure that we got a baby bassinet for Petra to sleep in, which actually allowed us to have the seats on the plane with extra legroom at no charge.  As we were taking off, I breastfed Petra to make sure that her ears felt no discomfort but, to be honest, Petra hardly fussed.  I am going to admit here that I was a total anxious mess.  I didn’t know if she would sleep and every little cry she made sent me on a downward mental spiral: “Oh no, its gonna be like this for SEVEN HOURS”. Also unfortunate, Lukasz took most of the hit on that one, trying to be helpful and comforting while I was literally angry at everything.  BUT, once Petra ate and we were steady in the air, I laid her in the bassinet, she yawned fussed for 3 seconds and turned her head…closed her eyes… and she was out for the ENTIRE TRIP. I, on the other hand, woke up every hour to make sure she was okay.  I was super tired when we landed.

So, okay, the way back however… In retrospect, it wasn’t TOO bad. So we booked our flight for 9AM, which meant that we would definitely have her awake for the most part on the plane.  The only thing that was silly is me assuming she would take a nap at some point.  She absolutely did not.  It was probably the longest seven hours ever.  We’re in a small space with so many strangers, we don’t have a stroller to push her around in, she refused to breastfeed and she had the attention span of a goldfish when we waved new toys in front of her.  It could have been better.  I could have not been so nervous the whole time. We could have booked a later flight.

But thats the thing about babies. Sometimes they cry and fuss and all I can say about it is a big thanks to the people on the plane with us who will never read this.  Sometimes they would smile at our daughter while she played gleefully for two seconds and other times they would ignore her cries by pretending to watch TV with earphones in.  But they never complained.  I also want to say that, as a first time mom, I’m getting more comfortable in letting my daughter just “be”.  I used to be the kind of person filled with anxiety the moment she let out a peep while I was walking down the aisles of the grocery store and I would try to quiet her down like I was ashamed that her cried would be disruptive.  She’s just such a good baby… and sometimes she’s going to cry, maybe because her diaper is dirty or she’s hungry or she’s stuck on a tiny plane with a bunch of people and nowhere to go.  So I try not to stress about it.  And actually, when we landed in Warsaw, our neighbor turned to us and told us that we were great parents.  Well gosh, I had never been more proud. πŸ™‚




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