Quick Update

It seems we fell off the map for the last two weeks.  To be honest, its been a busy couple of months.  We have a few changes coming out way in the future but we will talk about them as soon as we get there.  Change isn’t bad though!  It’s all so very good and positive.  For now, let me tell you about little Petra, something that I can talk about forever and ever.  She hit the big ONE and I’m sorry that I didn’t post any pictures. It was a low key little shindig but it was so intimate and nice.  Since that lovely party, Petra has been strutting around like she owns this apartment.  No but seriously, shes just such an avid walker and little explorer, even deciding that today would be the day she learned to climb the couch.  That’s right, she can never be left alone again, or at least until shes old enough for the rock climbing gym!  Then she can climb all she wants!  She eats basically everything.  Seriously!  But here’s the catch: she has to be in the mood for it.  I swear one day shes in love with zucchini noodles and she hates them the next.  She’s lucky I love food though. I’m more than happy to change up the menu as long as she tries everything once.  She has also taken up to talking every second of every day.  It’s the cutest thing, shes like a little boss lady walking around talking about whatever has caught her attention.  I’ve never wished I spoke “baby” more than when I’ve had this little lady yelling nonsense to my face.  She’s like a little puzzle piece that I’m going to spend my life trying to figure out.  Lukasz and I have been lucky enough to be spending more and more time together.  It makes my heart so happy to see us exploring new areas of NYC as a family.  It’s not always easy so I go all out when it happens.  We’ve gone into areas of brooklyn and manhattan that we’ve never been.  The picture above was during one of our outings on the Upper West Side, which we had spent a lot of time in yet never dined at El Mitote.  (Delicious margaritas) And this weekend we’re going to a Yankees game for my birthday!  We’ve never been and its Petra’s first game so you better believe I’m gonna be stopping by customer service for her certificate for her first game, haha. I think I’ve been rewatching to much Mad Men lately, but I’ve just felt so in love with this city recently.  I want Petra to grow up experiencing the same but I’m constantly torn between a bigger space in a smaller city or a tiny apartment in a big city.   Who knows what’s best… I just want Petra to be happy.  I think a lot of people have a misconception that raising a child in the city is a bad idea but its filled with so much culture and so much to do, I feel like I could live here a lifetime and never get bored.  I think East Coast living is the life for us right now.  For my tiny cute family.  I’ll try to post more often and more pictures soon.  I’ve tried to stay away from other social media except Twitter or Instagram so you can find me there.  



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