Birthday Stuff

For my birthday, I didn’t have plans until Friday when I realized I hadn’t been to a baseball game in three years. What. How. I immediately texted Łukasz, Tatiana and Jinnette and by the end of the day, it was all set. And Petra would be going to her first baseball game.

I was curious because, you know, I wondered how easy was this going to be with a suuuuper curious one year old.   Petra can hardly sit still, she needs to be wandering and exploring at all times. I was also excited to check out the play area that they built for kids this year.  It was perfect. The play area was fun and full of kiddos and they even had a couple of private nursing rooms.  We got two buckets of chicken tenders and french fries and spent a small fortune on beer but it was great. The weather was perfect with hardly any humidity.

We ended the game by getting Petra and Jackson their certificates for their first game. And tatiana too! It was her first game and she loved it. We’re all definitely going to another one before the summer is over. I forgot how much I loved going to games.  What a treat to spend this day with the people I love. ❤️

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