Shu Uemura Thermo BB Cream Review

Hey gang,  I know I promised a review of the Shu Uemura Thermo BB Cream and I havent been timely on it but I finally gave it a shot!  I’m definitely impressed by the BB Cream.  I’m definitely the kind of person that tried not to use too many hair products.  My routine is usually like this:  wash hair at night, style the next morning (usually with a flat iron), and dry shampoo for the next two days.  That’s right, when it comes to products, I like to keep it minimal and easy to do which fits my lifestyle best since I am usually running to work or running after Little P.

Since I don’t have time to try a million different products to see why one works best for certain things like frizz and volume, I was super excited to try the Shu Uemura BB Cream because it was supposed to target frizz, protect from heat and make my hair soft, all while adding volume through blow drying. To use the product, you just squeeze a small amount into your hands and run it/comb it through your hair to make sure every strand is covered lightly.  I did this on damp hair and then I used a brush and low dryer to give myself the best blow out that I could, which, I have to admit, I’m not the best at.

I’ve always been reluctant to use a blow dryer because it leaves my hair super frizzy but the BB cream worked its magic!  What’s more, my hair still looked soft, clean and styled the next day which great;y minimized how much dry shampoo I had to load into my hair to look put together.  A mom’s dream!  I definitely recommend purchasing this if your style is low maintenance like mine and don’t want to pile the products in your hair.  It’s what keeps my hair from having so much damage.



*This product was sent to me free through Influenster for testing purposes.  All reviews and comments and opinions are my own.