Up Yonda Farms

On our way back from camping, I knew we had to stop somewhere to sightsee. The drive is, like, four hours! Soon after we left Rogers Rock and had lunch at Bolton Landing, we decided to explore and stumbled upon this beautiful outdoor conservancy. It was called a farm but it was mostly a few close and easy hikes with an indoor butterfly garden. I was mostly excited about the butterfly garden because I wanted Petra to see these Monarch beauties up close. They did not disappoint. Even though I believe Spring is the time butterflies are abundant, on this summer day, we had a fun with a few gorgeous butterflies. Łukasz managed to catch one on his hands and after Petra saw how it was done, she had to grab one for herself too! We held her back though and taught her hold to gently hold them so as not to squash these delicate creatures. Petra learns so quickly by watching us. It's constantly reminding me to watch what I say and do to set the right example for her. Kids really do learn by example!

The hikes in the surrounding areas provides some of the most beautiful views of the lake that I had ever seen. While I got Petra ready to go hiking by slathering her with sunscreen, Łukasz checked in and found out that the property belonged to a rich family who donated it sometime around the 1920's and they turned it into a conservancy to help preserve the natural forest that surrounds it. It's gorgeous! So many lovely wildflowers. I will admit, I wasn't properly dressed for this and I showed up wearing Saltwater Sandals but luckily the forest floors weren't too thick and the hike didn't require any crazy climbing. Petra loved the view as she was strapped to Łukasz' back. It got a little hot so we let her walk around a little at the top of the hill but she was more than content walking on grass and playing with her water bottle.

Such a beautiful day! I'm really glad we got to stop by this space. We had come to Rogers's Rock so much, who knew that this beautiful space was only a few miles away! Adventuring with these two is my favorite!


Lake George

Yay, first post of this here blog!  It’s been a long time coming but I’ve finally made it.   I’m so excited for this little corner of the Internet.  I want it to be a place where I can post my fondest of memories.  With Summer finally coming to an end, I’ve always considered Fall an unofficial start to a new year.  And I would be lying if I didn’t say that the best times I’ve experienced in New York didn’t begin in the fall.  I can’t wait to share so many more fun times to come.

The first great memory I wanted to share for this post is our recent trip to Lake George.  Having awesome friends who are also coworkers, it’s hard to get the same time off so we took advantage this past weekend and went camping upstate.  I’ve only known Tatiana and her boyfriend, Todd, for a short time (1 year!) but they’ve already become awesome adventure buddies!


Packed Car!
  Of course, one of the reasons this campsite happens to be a favorite of mine (besides the beautiful view of the lake) is because it’s animal friendly.  Our dog, Pierrot, loves the outdoors, he even recently survived an 8-mile hike with plenty of energy leftover.  He’s so tiny and pocket sized, I love taking him with us everywhere!  
Bae and I ❤️
We were tipped off to a secluded spot by our camping neighbors, only a short trek away.