Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and all the mother’s out there.  I’m lucky enough to have my mother in town this year.  Petra’s birthday and Mother’s Day are just days apart so that’s just how the cookie crumbled!  We’ll probably be going out to brunch but the weather isn’t being very nice this year which is a bummer.  Anyways, I wanted to thank my mom and all the mother’s out there for all that you do.  It wasn’t until I became a mother myself that I realized it’s a job that comes with many sacrifices but is also incredibly fulfilling to create a little human being and send them out into the world.  I can only hope that I can continue to be a strong woman and be a role model to my little lady and I hope to continue to surround myself with strong women so I am never without inspiration.



Dog Moms Everywhere

A few posts back I talked about how Pierrot came into our lives.  I honestly can’t imagine my life without a dog in it.  Growing up, I always had them around and even when I eventually moved out of my parents house, I always needed to have a puppy companion with me.  I truly believe that dogs help me feel less stressed and that they are the most loyal creatures to walk this earth.  A dog’s love is unconditional.  I can’t understand the people that don’t love dogs but I’m also not here to judge.  I’m a lover of all animals when it comes down to it, and even with our baby girl on the way (She’s still not here yet…but I’ll save that for a later post of frustration), I can safely say that I’ve always considered myself a dog mom first and foremost.

EVEN THOUGH people insist that Mother’s Day is only for real Mothers, I refuse to believe it.  Some people love their animals like they were their own children and I fully acknowledge that love every May.  That being said, I was really excited to receive this custom pet portrait of our Pierrot just in time to hang up for Mother’s Day.  The above picture of the portrait hardly does it justice.  It was hand drawn by one of my friends, Danielle Stratford, who is an amazing artist, mother and animal lover and her talent and attention to detail is amazing. She even got every straggly hair Pierrot has on his unkempt ears.

If you’re looking for a good gift for Mother’s Day or ANY DAY for a pet lover, I highly recommend checking out her website or her Instagram account that shows you the drawing process in detail.  Not only is her talent amazing, she is super friendly and she gives you updates the whole way, from order to shipping time! If you mention Pierrot’s Portrait above, you get a 20% discount off your order.  I hope everyone has a great Mother’s Day and I hope this baby is out of my belly in time to celebrate with us. 😛

Weekly Findings


As I write this post, I am about 4 days past my due date.  I can’t even begin to express the frustration that is building up inside of me but let’s just say it feels like a baby girl that is getting bigger by the week and I need her to come out of me right now.  Not to be too much TMI but I’ve been feeling a lot of cramping and I’m hoping our baby girl will join us on the outside soon especially because tomorrow is Mother’s Day.  I’m super bummed to be skipping out on this day because our daughter isn’t here yet!  Oh well.  To all the moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

1. The Most Popular Baby Names of 2015:  The social security administration just released the list for the top baby names of 2015 with Emma at number one for the ladies and Noah at number one for the gentlemen.  We’re still keeping ours a secret but it definitely wasn’t in the Top 10!

2. Morning Routines for Busy Women:  I came across this list this very morning and I found it inspiring.  Though at the moment, my morning routine consists of absolutely nothing, just a lot of waiting, I’ve always been the kind of person that craves routine because it makes me feel more organized and less stressed.  I can definitely say that I’m a morning person and I can’t wait to get back into something semi-consistent.

3. This SMOOTHIE: So I guess this list is mostly about mom stuff but I was so excited to stumble upon this recipe for a post-partum peanut butter and jelly smoothie.  It’s funny how over prepared you can be for pregnancy and birth but forget about the “after” part.  This cookbook from Heng Ou is brilliant on ways to nourish a new mother.  Don’t forget about YOU.

4. 8 Fun Ideas For A Girl’s Night In:  Kate Spade is definitely my vice when it comes to anything “fashion”.  Everything just always looks so put together and bright and happy.  They’re making pajamas now and released this super cute list of ideas for a girl’s night in.  Not to be cheesy but this is the kind of thing I sometimes can’t wait to share with our baby girl.

5. Mother’s Day Brunch:  I didn’t ask for anything this mother’s day because I’m still very much pregnant and also because I just hate asking for things.  Can’t people just read my mind and know what I want already?  Here’s a hint: it’s brunch.  I love breakfast, like a good full-on breakfast with all the fixings, and maybe a mimosa or sangria. And I love this little menu of a good mother’s day breakfast.  Everything looks fresh, healthy and delicious!  But also, like, french toast works too.


*Picture source.